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Research Background

Mr. Chow Hung Lung is graduated from China University of Technology. He has moved to Hong Kong in 1980. He has set up a Computer Software System Company in 1982, which is the first company who introduces US IBM PC into different big corporations in China. His personal asset had been over HK$10milion, which started his marvelous life. In 1983 he cooperated with a German company on the research of Helium airship. In 1988 he set up a China-Germany-Hong Kong Helium Airship International Company, making himself the first Hong Kong scientist doing research in helium airship. In 1990, his father had esophageal cancer and chose the expensive western treatment. In 4 months, the side effects brought by chemotherapy caused the blooding of esophageal, and therefore causing his father’s death. This reminded Professor Chow that the most important thing of life is health, because money cannot save life.


Since then, Professor Chow has passed his business in helium airship to his partner, giving up his profession, changing his life goal to the medical business, aiming at making a good medicine for the world. In 1990, he founded Hong Kong Fu Hong Medical Company(Ty-e Life Cure), gathering Chinese physicians and the professionals in Chinese medicine. The research focuses on scientific experiments and data, analyzing different classical books on the functions of Chinese medicine. After that, Professor Chow read the newspaper randomly, reporting a Hu Bei farmer discovered a plant when digging. That plant was used in Chinese medicine and had cured a lot of patients. Professor Chow immediately went to see with professionals and bought a small amount of that plant for research. After doing research, it had been found that the plant is a precious plant called ‘Rou Ling Zhi’(a kind of very rare and precious Ganoderma), which is difficult to be found.


‘Rou Ling Zhi’ was being mentioned in many classical books that it can help refill energy, become strong and improve health. It is said that it is one of the best food the emperor comsumed. There was one story saying the emperors sent ambassadors to find ‘Rou Ling Zhi’. The appearance and texture of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ are similar to animal’s meat, in the perspectives of sensation and vision. It is quite springy but it won’t have a taste of oil and fat. It is very strong that it won’t become rotten or smelly even if it is put into the water. It also has the reviving ability that it can grow back even you cut off one part of the whole. By growing a small part of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’, it can eventually turn into a whole piece.

Dr.Chow was the first sole dealer of IBM product at 1980.

Dr. Chow was the first private enterprise who cooperate with Germany as airship manufacturer.

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