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靈芝王生命液| Ty-e Life Cure

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

樂生命 |靈芝王生命液

About ‘Rou Ling Zhi’

Mr. Wong Yat Wah, a famous Hong KongTV star, visited the cultivation plant of Tai Sui “Rou Ling Zhi” to touch and feel the preciousness rare material in the world.

‘Rou Ling Zhi’ was being mentioned in many classical books that it can help refill energy, become strong and improve health. It is said that it is one of the best food the emperor comsumed. There was one story saying the emperors sent ambassadors to find ‘Rou Ling Zhi’. The appearance and texture of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ are similar to animal’s meat, in the perspectives of sensation and vision. It is quite springy but it won’t have a taste of oil and fat. It is very strong that it won’t become rotten or smelly even if it is put into the water. It also has the reviving ability that it can grow back even you cut off one part of the whole. By growing a small part of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’, it can eventually turn into a whole piece.

Modern scientific research analysis shows that Rou Ling Zhi’ has extremely rich sources of cells nutrients. It can improve the overall immunity of the human body through cell activation, repair, and nutrition.

At present, the medical community around the world is constantly calling for the use of the body's own immune system to deal with the body's bad cells, so that the body can heal itself, this is the real way out for medical science. According to the latest British report, after a large number of clinical studies, the immune system has been strengthened to overcome serious diseases that cannot be cured by many types of traditional therapies.

Ty-e Life Cure has been clinically proven in several hospitals for more than 20 years. It can truly improve the immune function of the human body, and makes people in need of various types of life fluids around the world feel the shocking effect. Countless families by letters or phone calls or personal visits, are deeply grateful for the research and development of Ty-e Life Cure, and the popularity of the price, so that the general public can afford it.

Enhancing the immunity of human bodies 
simulating self-curing ability of human bodies
curing all kinds of health problems & illnesses
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終是讀科學出身,重科學講數據, 用數據說話,20年來周洪龍教授投放巨額資金及精力對“靈芝王生命液” 進行大量的藥效學測試,動物毒理測試,人體功能測試,醫院臨床功能測試,以真實數據証實其能明顯提升免疫力,對多類重疾起正面作用,而且全無副作用。免疫力的提升激發了身体強大的自癒能力, 身體那裡壞了那裡好回去。靈芝王生命液對各種健康問題起到令人震撼的立竿見影的效果,令無數服用過的人仕發自內心的讚嘆,被喻為生命的甘露!市面上極少有一種保健食品被投以如此嚴謹且多量的臨床驗証,可能是香港史上最重量級的保健食品。一種由古代至今人們口耳相傳的靈芝仙草,終於被現代人以科學嚴謹的測試証明了其真如仙藥般的功效。周洪龍教授成功了,但他並沒有把“靈芝王生命液” 看成是獲取暴利的工具,他多次無償地贈送給無力就醫的患者,也盡量把售價接近普遍民眾負擔得起,令到這種對所有都市人都具有奇效的保健食品人人受惠!






靈芝王生命液Ty-e Life Cure 20多年來經多間醫院臨床證實,能真正提高人體的免疫功能,令到世界各地服用生命液的各種各類有需要的人仕感受到震驚的功效,讓無數家庭或來信或致電或親訪,對周洪龍教授生命液的研發感激至深,而且售價大眾化,令普遍民眾也負擔得起,讓多少家庭,少了多少遺憾!

Research Of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’

TV News reports the successful cultivation of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’

"Using these successfully cultivated ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ "

"extract again the active ingredients of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ "

"Let it multiply and cultivate more ‘Rou Ling Zhi’ "

"Age of ‘Rou Ling Zhi’growing like a tree in every year"

Fresh ‘Rou Ling Zhi’

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